Adobo y Sazón

$25.00 - $45.00


If you know.. you know. If you don't, these are staple spice blends for a Puerto Rican household --or Boricua as we say!

Freshly-ground & free from artificial colors, preservatives & MSG, I utilize turmeric, achiote & traditional spices to impart the flavors, colors & vibrancy familiar in boricua food in both a natural & nutritious way.

Using a variety of oreganos & other spices, JONAJIM Adobo & Sazón achieves a similar succulent, umami flavor like the original but without the use of MSG —only whole plant-based foods. Using fresher ingredients and just ground before packaging, both the Adobo and Sazón are more vibrant in color & flavor, with increased potency & shelf-life!

My favorite ways cook with these spices:

- arroz con gandules (rice & pigeon peas)
- guisados (protein stews ~ especially meat & beans)
- sopas (soups)
- pasteles (vegetable-based dough filled with protein)
- roasted corn, potatoes, veggies, squash & seeds
- seasoned salt for popcorn & snacks

Available in 4oz glass jars, or 8oz clear resealable compostable bags.

Adobo Ingredients: sea salt, turmeric, garlic, oreganos, black pepper

Sazón Ingredients: himalayan salt, achiote, garlic, culantros, cumin

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