With warmth & precision, it is my mission to invoke feelings of nostalgia, resourcefulness, joy & empowerment through food.

- Jonathan Luis Jimenez Romero


A collection of provisions: shelf-stable, vegan, small-batch foods like jams, syrups, barbecue sauces, jerky & spices - each made with fresh in-season plant-based ingredients. In addition to growing, baking & cooking, I also share recipes - with many using these versatile provisions. My goal is to share with you how adaptable food can be.

J A R S  &  J E R K Y •  Every jar is made in small-batches of 3 to 9 jars, low-sugar, and free of preservatives, added pectin & gluten. They're properly processed for shelf-stability when stored in a cool, dark place or until the “Consume By” date. Once opened, store in the refrigerator for up to 8 weeks. With a focus on natural ingredients, all jars & jerky use plants to preserve - not added sugar, pectin or thickeners! You'll notice some provisions may be thinner & saucier or softer & stickier than products you'll find on store shelves - that's because we use citrus & fruit for flavor & texture! Once refrigerated, many of our jars will firm up a good bit more.

J E W E L S •  Made with organically home-grown peppers & sea salt, this spicy pepper-infused salt is perfect for adding some heat & flavor to your dishes. I like to garnish flatbreads, pizzas & raw or roasted veggies, but it’s perfect for substituting for regular salt while cooking! 

A D O B O  &  S A Z O N  If you know, you know. If you don't, these are staple spice blends for a Puerto Rican (or Boricua as we say) household. Freshly-ground & free from artificial colors, preservatives & MSG! My version uses Orégano del País ‘lippia micromera’ (aka dominican oregano, jamaican oregano, false oregano, puerto rican oregano, spanish thyme and many other names)! It’s a bit more savory & pungent than other oreganos, which adds a similar umami flavor to MSG, but entirely made from plants! Using fresher ingredients and just ground before packaging, both the Adobo and Sazón are more vibrant in color & flavor. We don't support racist & exploitive institutions or governments like the popular GOYA Brand does :)