Heirloom Pepper Flights

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They're here! Flights of 4 oz. micro-batch pepper jellies - inspired by my harvests of heirloom peppers! Each of our apple-based jellies are infused with a sole variety of our heirloom peppers, providing a unique flavor & heat experience.

Available in three flight options:

✈ THE BRIGHT, SWEET & SPICY FLIGHT: A set of (3) 4 oz. jars of Sugar Rush Peach Jelly, Txorixero Jelly & Datil Jelly.

✈ THE INTENSE, FRUITY & ULTRA HOT FLIGHT: A set of (3) 4 oz. jars of Chocolate 7 Pot Jelly, Bhut Jolokia / Ghost Jelly & Ají Charapita Jelly.

✈✈ THE CONNECTING FLIGHT: A set of (6) 4 oz. jars of our entire line of Heirloom Pepper Jellies, consisting of Sugar Rush Peach, Txorixero, Datil, Chocolate 7 Pot, Bhut Jolokia & Ají Charapita Jellies!


Take a closer look below into the flavor, heat & cultural profiles of the heirloom pepper cultivars we cultivate & cook:

• SUGAR RUSH PEACH are bright & fruity peppers that pack a moderate level of heat ~ you’ll find them finely minced & thinly sliced in this jelly. Although they’re named for their sweet burst of flavor & peach-colored flesh, they’re heat level is not to be underestimated. At 50,000 - 150,000 SHU (Scoville Heat Units), they’re comparable in heat to Thai chilis or a mild habanero.
- Born from accidental & natural cross-breeding in Wales, this pepper has gained a lot of attention & love in recent years. A variety that takes quite some time to ripen, Sugar Rush Peach gain a bright sweetness that matures into a tingly spice that makes this jelly one you’ll always reach for.

• TXORIXERO are sweet, green & red chilis from Basque country, and impart a uniquely sweet & earthy flavor to this jelly. Clocking in at a mild 500 - 1,500 SHU, the Txorixero mostly imparts a rich flavor & sweetness to the jelly - along with a slight reddish hue!
- The Txorixero --or Choricero as they're known in Spain, are peppers with a rich cultural significance to the region. It is the pepper that is central to kitchens in Basque country. One can often find strings of dried Txorixero peppers hanging from doorways, kitchen cabinets & ceilings - where they preserve well by air drying and are ready to use in a collection of cultural dishes.

• DATIL are aromatic yellow-golden peppers that are quite mysterious. They pack a varied level heat, ranging from 100,000 - 300,000 SHU - similar in heat to a scotch bonnet pepper. They're also one of my new favorite peppers!
- With a deep yellow hue, their origins are still unknown; the first record of theses chilis date back to 17th Century St. Augustine, FL. Although all peppers originate in the Americas, each cultivar has it’s own unique lineage - with many cultivated across the globe for centuries. Researchers once believed the Datil (pronounced like that’ll) were brought over by Menorcan indentured servants working in the area. After extensive research through tracing the pepper’s lineage, it is most plausible they are a variety with much similarity to native Caribbean chilis.
- Through Atlantic trading, Datil are believed to be then cultivated in Central & Southern Africa, becoming the Datil we know today and transported back to the Americas by Africans during the Atlantic Slave Trade. The most conclusive evidence is the Datil’s physical & genetic resemblance to the Fatalii - a golden pepper with rich significance in Southern & Central Africa.

• CHOCOLATE 7 POT may be gnarly to look at, and for good reason. The 7 Pot peppers are collectively known as the 3rd hottest pepper in the world, with the Chocolate variety packing an astounding 925,000 - 1,850,000 SHU! It's the hottest pepper we utilize in food here at JONAJIM.
- Hailing from Trinidad, it is believed that the Chocolate 7 Pot is hot enough to season seven pots of stew, which is how it's namesake was born. With an overwhelming lasting heat, it's not for the faint of heart. When tamed down, the Chocolate 7 Pot has a nutty & fruity flavor which many compare to dark chocolate!

• BHUT JOLOKIA / GHOST PEPPER is the most notorious of the super hot peppers, packing a whopping 1,000,000 SHU - about 6 times hotter than the average habanero! Known for their sweetness and delayed pungent heat, the bhut jolokia was first cultivated in Northern India.
-Their skin is dimpled & wrinkled -like most super hot peppers. The colors range from yellow, orange, to red and have a varied flavor profile. This jelly uses rich red and deep orange bhut jolokia which have a lasting sweetness followed by a fiery building spiciness.

• AJÍ CHARAPITA is tiny bright yellow-orange pepper native to the jungles of Northern Peru, and is known as the rarest pepper in the world. Although they look like a pea-sized mandarin oranges, this pepper packs 30,000 - 50,000 SHU -- comparable in heat to tabasco & cayenne peppers.
- The charapita is quite citrusy in flavor, known for spicing dishes with a tropical flair. It's slow-growing nature, low germination rate & overall obscurity to the masses has lent this pepper to be the most expensive pepper in the world. Culinarily, the ají charapita is unique in that it provides a distinct fruitiness common with habanero-type peppers -- but this pepper is a fraction of the heat level. The jelly is studded with our organically-grown charapita peppers for a precious jelly.


Ingredients: apples, sugar, vinegar, organically-grown peppers, sea salt.

Small-batch, low-sugar, vegan, commercial pectin-free, gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free, flavor-full.

• Properly & safely processed for shelf stability at room temperature by the labeled consume by date. Once opened, refrigerate and consume with 8 weeks.

• 4 oz. glass jars + biodegradable cane sugar labels, shipped with plastic-free, recyclable & biodegradable materials.

* Orders will be processed & shipped in 1-3 weeks, depending on the influx of orders. *